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JAGMASTER would like to tell you about a two day tuning course you don’t want to miss in September, but you will have to act fast!

AMP EFI Clinic AMP EFI Clinic is a hands-on, two day tuning course for end users, dealers and professional tuners teaching installation, configuration, and calibration of a modern engine management system in a *real world* environment with bona fide, competition experienced instructors. Even if you are new to tuning, this could certainly be your fast track!

Scott Clark, tuner for Larry Larson’s World’s Quickest Street Car and Engine Masters Challenge builder Mark Dalquist will facilitate the course using an actual Engine Masters competition engine. Each participant will put their hands on, configure and tune their own ECU (a full-featured MS3-Pro EMS), and will test their calibrations on a live running engine.

From basic configuration and start up to the most advanced features and power management. Limited to 30 participants. Includes a BONUS session on Ground-Breaking Cam Specing Tech with David Vizard!

Each participant will experience:

  • Hands-on training with Scott Clark, tuner for Larry Larson’s ‘World’s Quickest Street Car’
  • Hands-on training with Engine Masters multi-year contender Mark Dalquist
  • Access to a personal classroom Engine Simulator Workstation with a full-featured MS3-Pro EMS
  • Tuning demo of a full instrumented Engine Masters Engine provided by Throttles Performance
  • Access to an MS3-Pro controlled car on chassis dyno provided by Throttles Performance
  • A BONUS session with David Vizard “Ground-Breaking Cam Specing Tech”

Seats are filling up quickly! For more information and to register, please visit


Are you tired of constantly dealing with Carb problems?

As a Dealer for Affordable Fuel Injection I can supply and install a complete system!

TBI systems replace the SU, Zenith Stromberg Carburetors (maintaining original body of  Carburetors) on  Any British car  I will provide a complete system for converting to fuel injection. More recently many more makes and models for cars equipped with side draft carbs. Contact Dave for more information on converting your SU, Zenith Stromberg, or Hitachi side draft carbs to TBI fuel injection today.

Why Throttle Body Injection (TBI)


If one word could sum of the main reason to do this upgrade, it would be dependability. Because the system mostly utilizes GM components that have been proven over millions of miles of driving, it is very reliable and easily serviced. The main advantage of this TBI conversion is a great running car, easy installation, and a reasonable price. You don’t have to build or alter an intake manifold or even touch your throttle linkage. We use the existing carbs, air cleaners, linkage, and actually converting the carb portion of the set-up into fuel injectors can be done in less than an hour. The complete conversion process can also be reversed quickly as no parts have been damaged or altered. The TBI setup is a wonderful upgrade in that it starts exceptionally well, runs beautifully while warming up, an all around smooth running car. Guess what I’m saying is that the TBI car runs great and doesn’t need any further tuning unless you want to alter the engine with a cam etc. The TBI system is data log capable, is programmable for fuel and ignition, and the GM ECM for TBI even has the ability to learn and adapt to your driving habits. Considering the alternatives for price and installation of different fuel injection systems out there, the TBI set up is the reasonable choice. Another huge advantage of TBI is that the car starts and idles smoothly no matter what the temperature is.


Because this conversion is based on very popular GM components it can be serviced by your local garage. Components are available at your local auto parts stores from coast to coast but the entire system is the same as the GM cars and trucks. The car may look different but their test procedures, trouble codes, and equipment are all the same. There’s even a port that allows for the connection of an engine code reader.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The idea behind the TBI conversion is to give you a reliable, smooth running, easy starting, fuel efficient classic car. Horsepower gains will come from engine modifications. The chip comes tuned for performance under 40 MPH and economy above 40 MPH. The first system was installed in a 1971 TR6 in 2004 and it has performed perfectly since. We’ve done a couple of data logging sessions which resulted in a modification to the chip which was easily flashed to the control module. Depending on your desire, the chip can be tuned for performance, fuel economy or a combination of both. The beauty of TBI is that the chip can be easily tuned to meet your specific engine modifications and your driving requirements.

Custom Tuning

Included with my kit, at no additional charge to you, is custom tuning for YOUR specific car by the folks at Affordable Fuel Injection (up to four custom chips). Custom chip tuning, such as this, does not come cheaply but we recognize the fact that we are, for the most part, doing fuel injection conversions to cars that are up to 50 years old. At this point in their life, many of these cars have been modified in any number of ways: increased compression ratio, upgraded camshafts, engines bored etc., so very few, if any, are exactly as they were when they left the factory. On top of that, there are driving styles that vary from wild to mild and that’s where custom tuning can optimize performance. Included in the kit price is custom tuning by AFI for your car factoring in engine modifications, driving styles, gasoline grades, and other factors recorded by the onboard computer. They can tune for the daily driver or for maximum performance or even optimize it for fuel economy, etc.

Please visit Affordable Fuel Injection to find out more.